Friday, August 15, 2014

Family Pictures!

We love Lindsay! She took family Pictures for us back in April and I'm getting them up now :-)

Do you see it Lindsay actually caught a rainbow in this one!

Eli Likes to Dance

One day I'll be a regular blogger :-)

Eli has always liked music and we've learned the last two summers that he really likes to dance! He's been picking up on tap pretty well and we found some tap shoes at Goodwill (thank you to whoever donated them!). Eli was super excited! We got this white board from Grandma Debbie and Boppy. I believe Eli is also trying to do a variation on the hand jive in this video.

I found some Jazz shoes too the same day! So, we'll see how things go. But either way this is fun!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Eli and Jenna!!

So, I thought that it was high time that I post some videos of Eli and I's birthday here in Connecticut that happened like two months ago :-). I decided this year to start a tradition of letting Eli help me make our cakes. I'll admit there were times when I was like "now why did I think this was a good idea?" but in the end it was really fun! I think the best part was when Eli was helping me get the ingredients ready for the frosting. I had put the egg whites in the glass bowl, and I had it down low so that Eli could sit next to it and help me put in the other ingredients and when I stepped away to grab a measuring spoon for him, I hear "hat!" and turned around in time to see him try to put the bowl on as a hat and dump egg whites on himself :-).

Eli's cake is supposed to be a doughnut with sprinkles because those are his favorite, and mine is the other circle cake with the doughnut hole on top :-). Eli liked helping with the candles so they all went in the cake. This is a public blog, so I won't tell you my real age, but I am still younger than 49 :-) (it takes two boxes of candles to do both Eli and I's ages, but not too FULL boxes just yet, though that would be a fun math problem).

Sorry about there being no pictures. I'm in the process of reorganizing my closet where I think that the charge cord for our regular camera must be hiding. I'm thinking that Eli might have been trying to be funny when he was finding places for the sprinkles, either way I was playing these videos for him the other day and he would just laugh and laugh every time he heard himself on the video saying that a spot needed sprinkles :-)

*Wow so I just realized I started this a long time ago and never posted it, I probably meant to add to it, so I'll read it later and check, for now I'll just post it :-)*

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it snow!

So, we got snow here yesterday, and wow has Eli been excited. At least a month ago we were looking at pictures on the computer of him playing in the snow with one of his little "tractors" (a front loader) and ever since he's wanted to watch every cartoon with snow in it he can find. Suffice to say we are definitely ready for Christmas already :-).

Believe it or not church was canceled today. This is oh about 4 or 5 pm, so the snow has been melting, but definitely never got as deep as in Utah. But, with all of the trees there are quite a few down power lines around, so that's probably a main reason why. One of the roads by our house is actually roped off because of it.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Some stuff from recently :-)

So, assuming I actually get this posted today, then this video is actually from just a couple of days ago :-). Eli and I had been drawing using this "twistable slick stick" things that he got from Grandma Debbie (they're actually really cool! they're like a pastel almost), and I put his master piece up on the wall (he was into Orange that day), and then Mommy's had to go on the wall too, then he thought it would be a great idea for me to put a blank page on the wall for him to draw on, after looking at the marks on the table, I decided that the bottom of the laundry basket would be a better idea :-). Anyway, he started drumming and singing along, so I thought I'd best take a video, after all what is a Mother to do? I did go and get his toy guitar after this and we sang songs with it, but I have trouble playing and videoing at the same time :-). Sadly, all but his master piece later became "dirt" or coal for his "train," which consisted of some empty boxes all lined up in a row.

This second video is Eli learning to be polite :-). He says excuse me when he burps (for the most part) and he's really catching onto saying thank you too. He's pretty cute though because sometimes when he gives someone else something, then he will tell them thank you instead of waiting for them to tell him thank you.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Easter 2011!!

This is Kip and Eli taking in a baseball game on their "couch" it was pretty cute, I can't remember who was playing they were college teams, but both of them were taken in by it :-)

I'm not sure that this one is from the same trip if it it's the trip before but I had to put it in :-)

Wow so I totally thought that I'd posted all of the Easter pictures! Well, here goes :-) This is from last Easter. Nikki couldn't come because she was pregnant but her boys (Mack, Ty, and Kip (Duke of course was in her tummy)) came out to Grandma Debbie and Boppy's house and they all had an Easter egg hunt in the yard! It was a blast. We were laughing because we thought we were going to have to set rules so that Kip and Eli would get enough eggs, but it turned out that we almost had to slow the little ones down, because they both caught right on and got into the whole looking for the eggs thing. I think Eli made out like a bandit on the eggs with quarters in them! He got like $6 or something like that. Anyway, it looks like there are a couple of drafts, so I'll see if the others have the other pictures :-)

Turns out the other drafts didn't have any different pictures, so here's some more! :-) oops looks like they added to the top oh well, maybe this post will still make sense :-)

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Uncle Ben is a Fun Guy!

Uncle Ben is a fun guy! When Nikki and the boys came to visit last he took turns letting Eli and his cousin Kippy chase the other boys up and down the hall on the 4-wheeler :-)

It was awesome because he took turns just right so that neither Kip or Eli got jealous. This also must have been near the end of their visit because Kip and Eli (Eli is only 6 months older than Kip) the last couple of times they've seen each other at first one of them is all ready to be friends with the other, but then it takes until the end of the visit for them to both be ready to be friends.

Okay so this one is not as good as it could be, but Kip and Eli both LOVE to watch Uncle Ben cut wood. They think it's the funniest/best thing in the world! Here is a video of Eli watching Ben. Unfortunately, I didn't think to start videoing until after Brett started working on his car and the revving was distracting Eli, who, if I recall, was trying to decide if he should head for the sidewalk :-)